Tester’s Aptitude/Knowledge Test

Aptitude test


What statement do you consider to be most important and why?

a) Testing has the primary intent of showing the system meets the users needs.

b) Testing has the primary intent of finding faults

You have run all your tests and they all pass. Is this good news or bad news?

What would you do if you were asked to test a system which is unfamiliar to you has out-of-date or inadequate documentation?

In running a test you find the actual result does not match the expected result – what would you do?

Do you consider positive or negative testing to be most important or trying to break the system - and why?

How would you define a good test?

You have been assigned to test the new Triangle Determination Application (see screen shot below).

As you can see the screen consists of three text fields and a single button. The user is expected to enter an integer value into each of the three text fields. Upon hitting the OK button the program will print a message in a separate dialog box stating whether the triangle is scalene (all sides are different lengths), isosceles (two sides are the same length), or equilateral (all three sides are the same length).

Write a set of test cases (i.e. specific sets of data) that you feel would adequately test this program. Write the tests so that someone other than you can run them.

In testing the above application you identify what you believe to be a fault – instead of printing the message concerning the type of triangle in a separate dialog box the application is printing the message in the space between the 3 text fields and the OK button. What should your next step be (answer and state why)?

a) Continue testing to the end of the script, and then report the bug.

b) Stop testing, report the bug immediately, then continue alternative scripts

c) Stop testing, report the bug and await a fix.

d) Continue testing and report the bug later, along with those found in other scripts

Do you consider testing tools to be valuable during the testing process – why/why not?

Name 2 standards that refer to testing

How would you test these requirements:

a) The system must be user-friendly

b) The system must be easy to install

c) The following response times are to be achieved with the new system:

• Initial loading of the web application must be achieved within 3 seconds

• Updating of the information on the web page must be no more than 5 seconds

Why do you consider testing to be necessary?

A hotel telephone system can perform 3 functions:

• Call another hotel room by entering a room number (201 to 500)

• Call an external line by entering a 9, followed by the number

• Call various hotel services

• 0 = Operator

• 7 = Room Service

• 8 = Reception

Write a set of test cases to adequately test this telephone system

Describe what you understand about the term “Static Testing” and list 3 static testing techniques.

How would you prioritise your tests (list 5)?


You are testing 2 programs and have 3 weeks to test them both. Having run all of your tests on both programs you finish testing within 2 weeks. You need to decide which of the 2 programs you would re-visit and run further tests against. Choose which program you would re-test (can choose only one!) – and state you reasons:

Program A

Programmer: A

Complexity Level: 2

Lines of Code: 2000

Number of tests: 100

Number of bugs found: 10

(1 high severity, 3 medium & 6 low)

Program B

Programmer: B

Complexity Level: 2

Lines of Code: 2000

Number of tests: 100

Number of bugs found: 50

(10 high severity, 25 medium & 15 low)

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