QA methodologies - evaluate, select, implement

QA methodologies that can be applied in QA functions can be several; however it is important that based on the nature of the project, an appropriate methodology is chosen and applied. Choosing the appropriate methodology should be requirement driven. It should also synchronize with various software development methodologies from the traditional Waterfall to Agile. The rigidity of the process should be maintained while keeping a model that is flexible to allow changes. This kind of an approach enhances good productivity and effectiveness of the testing department.

QA methodologies usually have a well-defined program based on a customized approach that is an understanding towards the type of organization and its requirements. The first step is to understand the Business Requirements, Risk Tolerance, and Quality Goals. When QA methodologies are a part of the development process rather than something performed at the end of the development cycle, it will easily fit in to any test methodology.

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